Check out this year's 'Show Off' exhibition opening at the Redland Performing Arts Centre in Cleveland - a great night of music and entertainment at RPAC provided again by the Redland's Creative Alliance. Click on the link for details. See you there!

from Redland City Bulletin (May 2019)

More info about this excellent event at the Dunn wing of the Redland Museum can be found here. This is an annual event from the Redland's Creative Alliance Inc., which is seeing more and more artists exhibit each year! And here's a couple of photos from the 2018 event, including one of local MP, Kim Richards, opening the exhibition.

Redlands Coast Naturally Wonderful exhibition Redlands Coast Naturally Wonderful exhibition

Oysters & Jazz

An annual event that I've always wanted to play! Perfect weather by the bay and an enthusiastic crowd. Another one off my bucket-list!

And it's official - Maddi Ekeblad has announced that 'The Dying Piano' is going to Cannes in 2018!

Dying Piano announcement

News Coverage of MEGs Cabaret


Southern Bay News coverage of the Pure Piano Concert

Supporting a fellow artist: here's the news story of Trish Arden's solo exhibition which coincides with the renown Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers. It was so busy, I could barely hear the keyboard - a great opener for Trish!  (see my gallery page for pictures)


"Michael's musical vision transcends the humdrum constraints of mere genre, offering up a broad palette of sound that evokes windswept landscapes, rolling seas and peaceful dreams. Above all, his compositions express something the world needs now - a sense of innner calm"

David Bentley musician and composer, music writer for Spirit magazine, Gold Walkley award-winning journalist


Watch Elton John's fun improv' style as he shows how it's possible to "set music to almost any lyrics". And so he does - about a microwave oven!


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