OK, this is a bit scary…here's a couple of 'warts and all' clips from the early days at  Massey Conservatorium of Music in New Zealand. In the first one I'm playing one of my own compositions, entitled 'A Rainy Day', and in the other I'm playing 'combo' with some of the lads...who are probably thankful that the clips are old and grainy!

(apologies for the quality - these were converted from original film sources)



"Michael's musical vision transcends the humdrum constraints of mere genre, offering up a broad palette of sound that evokes windswept landscapes, rolling seas and peaceful dreams. Above all, his compositions express something the world needs now - a sense of innner calm"

David Bentley musician and composer, music writer for Spirit magazine, Gold Walkley award-winning journalist


Watch Elton John's fun improv' style as he shows how it's possible to "set music to almost any lyrics". And so he does - about a microwave oven!


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